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doing it the wright way!

Since 1902, Ernest Wright has been 'steeling' our hearts with fire with their gorgeously crafted shears, so seeing this collaboration come to fruition after such a challenging time is another dream come true for us!


The Wright family has been involved in the boring, hardening and tempering off scissors since at least the 1800’s. Fast forwarding to 2018, it was only after Paul Jacobs and Jan Bart Fanoy, rescued the company due to the fact they couldn’t accept that over a century of heritage, the art of scissor-making was on the verge of disappearing from Sheffield. So they rescued the company with the single objective to restore a great brand, its product and keep the flame alive for the centuries to come.


What a great way to start 2022 by introducing to you the new “The Shears” pin brooch, a TT7 celebration to Ernest Wright 120th Anniversary.



The history of Ernest Wright reflects everything Sheffield Steel has become famous for. Highly skilled craftsmen making supreme quality products. A lot has changed since the heydays of manufacturing, but they are proud to be present passing on the heritage of an ancient craft.


In today’s world, where everything is moving quickly across multiple screens, we see a renewed interest in real, supreme quality products that reflect - and deserve - the love and attention that has been put into them. The level of response and satisfaction is global so the Ernest Wright growing empire is confident in keeping the heritage alive. Doing it the Wright way!

the craft and the craftsman

We got the chance to be a fly on the wall and accompany the process behind crafting a pair of handmade Ernest Wright scissors or shears. It starts with either stainless or carbon steel, then forging, grinding, sanding, hardening, rumbling, assembling, putting on the edges and marrying them together. The finally, a good polish and of course, quality control checks before it gets sent to you! Funny enough, we use some of these processes-techniques making our pins. 

At Ernest Wright they don’t simply produce and sell scissors or shears, they see them grow under the love labour and pass them on to the future generations of the industry - you! It all comes down to meticulous attention to detail because they feel responsible for every cut you make.

It is with this level of attention and dedication we designed this gorgeous accessory inspired by the 8.25″ Dressmaker shears - we love and use at our atelier - to tell their story, celebrate their milestone achievement and of course, make an impact in our community by spreading and raising awareness to our craft.

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