After endless search for good design and high-quality accessory pins to wear related to fashion making, we couldn’t find anything which had flair. The lack of refinement, charm and finish led us to design our collection. The accessories are trendy enough to decorate your denim jacket, and glamourous enough to embellish your blazer lapel. You can mix and match, decorate bags, tee-shirts and play with the styling.


We share the disappointment with thousands of likeminded artists from the Fashion Industry when it comes to looking for that piece of accessory which can celebrate the craft and the craftsman, complete our style and express our individuality. We know that the right piece of accessory can speak volumes about who you are and now, we made it possible.


Fashion brands and industry conglomerates have taken the spotlight away from the real artists. Historically, not enough credit was ever given to us - the makers. If it wasn’t for the creative ideas, skills, expertise and agilehands, we would live in a boring naked world. The growth of fast fashion and mass production led many skills to slowly fade, and many art forms to became obsolete, leaving thousands of careers at risk. With TT7 we raise the awareness about the needlecraft skills and the artisans behind it.


Historically, medals are awarded based on one’s outstanding services and achievements. This symbolic decoration has been worn since the ancient times, to distinct the average from the heroic. PIN-UP is the fashionable and the most-prestigious decorative accessory out there. We are giving back the voice to millions of creatives all around the globe to wear the pins with pride and to share their art.


The planet Earth needs us more than ever and The Trendy 7 is committed in making sure we have a reduced carbon footprint when developing our products. We designed our packaging to be all in decomposable paper #nomoreplastic . We encourage our community to reuse, reduce and recycle all our packaging and join us in protecting Mother Nature. Let's PIN-UP for the environment!