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  • The Trendy 7 celebrates FASHION, NATURE and ART.

  • The Trendy 7 celebrates craftsmanship and the artisans from all around the globe who make Fashion become a reality


  • The Trendy 7 designed a collection of unique, patent approved, limited-edition designs of premium quality accessories. They are fashionable, stylish and versatile to be worn anywhere anytime.


  • The Trendy 7 re-invented, re-styled and modernised the 80’s Pin trendy to give fashion lovers and makers a unique accessory to show their personality and style both online and offline


  • The Trendy 7 is the world-wide reference in the wearable Pin market recognised for Quality, Finish and Design




Lucas was born in Brazil and moved to Lisbon at a young age. Creatively, his journey started as a contemporary and ballet dancer which led him to design costumes for theatre and dance performances and later on he was introduced to designing womenswear fashion. He moved to London and is now the Creative and Artistic Director of his fashion brand Maison CRUZ BUENO Couture. He is Vegan, an Environmentalist and loves travelling - and of course, a pin fanatic!

3C9A2536 copy.jpg


Marco was born in Brazil and moved to Lisbon at a young age. since very early, his love for photography led him to study and become a professional photographer specialised in fashion and portraits. He shares a passion for books, music and cinema. secretly, he loves singing and has a crush for broadway musicals, his favourite musical is 'Les Miserables'. Besides being a pin lover, he collects Funko Pops and dvd's.



Samuel was born in Brazil and moved to Lisbon at a young age. He loves fashion, dancing, cinema and above all music. Creatively, his journey started as a dancer and that is when he met Lucas. Alongside being an entrepreneur, he is currently studying to become a professional make-up artist . He loves art and photography. He has an eye for recreating different styles and finding new ways to wear pins.



For many cultures, science, religion and superstition 

believers, the number 7 is considered to be a lucky number. It is a symbol of creative energy and mysticism


common thread

Between the 3 partners, we each have the number 7 as part of our lucky number and because we are re-modernising the 80's pin phenomenon to become a trend again, 'trendy' was the right word to go for



There are 7 colours in the rainbow. 7 Days in the week. 7 Continents and obviously, 7 Deadly Sins. And before we forget, Snow White also had 7 dwarfs

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