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Since 1906, William Gee has been part of the growing foundation of many fashion businesses and fuelling creatives nationwide so seeing this collaboration come to fruition was another dream come true.


More than a luxury, sewing supplies are the true foundation of making a great product and doing a great work. In our opinion, having a wide selection of products and stock great brands is not enough, you need to trust, and William Gee gives you that trust.


It is with great pride TT7 introduces to you the new “The Sewing Kit” pin brooch, a translation of our love for sewing supplies that keeps us creating!


Two long benches, endless shelves, and countless supplies to choose from. Going to William Gee’s Haberdashery in Hackney feels like when a child is let loose in a candy shop. Since 1906, the layout hasn’t changed much, nor did the foundation of their business – to be customer driven and supply what the customers want! From film companies, theatre groups, college students and many designers and their studios, the William Gee empire continues to grow their bricks & mortar presence as well as their highly successful online business. 


At the time, Hackney was a well-to-do area as well as being a centre for the fabric and cloth trade. Garment shops, clothing companies, factories and small shops inundated the streets – a true fashion district. Most supplies were manufactured locally by the artisans and then supplied to the big shops in the West End. 


William Gee’s Haberdashery in 522 Kingsland Road has been since the beginning, the house of hundreds of artisans serving customers, stocking up shelves from zips, sewing threads, buttons, needles, linings – you name it – William Gee had it! 


Today, nothing has changed - We are constantly expanding our online shop and adding to our catalogue and there are exciting plans for the future says Jeffrey Graham who saw his father build this empire. 

Jeffrey worked there as a student in the summer holidays and since then, this has been his and his family home. Adam Graham – Jeffrey’s son – expands the business to new dimensions and even after 115th successful years of trading, William Gee is still looking to adapt and grow as a company, fulfilling the needs of its customers from the clothing industry and domestic customers alike.

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